Francisters: The Dinghy and a “Snowstorm”

Back from our winter adventure! I’ve so many to share.. but let me start off with my favorite part of this year’s winter trip:



During our Sapporo leg of the trip, we went on a dinghy ride in the snow (pulled by a snowmobile). Fun at first but it got more exciting when strong winds came and our faces started to numb and ice! 😀

This was what we looked like after our ride:





Lesson learned – Apparently ski masks aren’t just for robbing banks. They’re useful for activities like this!


More posts in a few days! 🙂




1 of 30 : Experience real FALL

I thought I’d make my first 30 on 30 post about my most recent trip. About 2 years ago, I’ve decided to start celebrating birthday going somewhere and doing (or experiencing) something new. A couple of years ago it was Shanghai, and this year, it was a trip to Seoul. (About a week delayed though, to take advantage of the long weekend holiday).

1/30 Experience real FALL. (Well, this isn’t my first fall season, as I was in the US this time last year. But in sunny San Diego, I don’t think fall exists. It’s just all sun, and then sometimes fog, and then it gets cold.)

So I was able to do this in Seoul. To lie down and play with all those fallen yellow leaves without a care in the world. (Yes, I did not even worry about my coat getting dirty or what… I wanted to lie down on a bed of yellow leaves, enjoy the cool breeze and just feel “autumn”.


It is official. I have fallen for fall. Autumn is my FAVORITE season ever!

(yes, I am pretty vain.)


Tiktik : The Aswang Chronicles – My Take.


I’m not a fan of tagalog films, but after seeing the preview of Tiktik, I decided to give it a chance. And I was really surprised, and very impressed.

Great effects (though some scenes could still be better), love the story – the mix of comedy, horror and love story was just right. My friends and I were laughing so hard towards the last 30 minutes of the movie – It was really entertaining, and I didn’t find any scene that I thought was corny at all.

My “Ano na!?!?” Moments:

Some noticeable things though: Lovi Poe’s makeup was just too much – if you’ve given birth and chased by aswangs, I don’t think you should still have oil-free skin and even foundation and blush on. What’s an aswang movie without Janice de Belen? Though I didn’t like her that much in this movie, I though she was trying too hard. Even if this is more of a comedy movie, she was still over acting (IMHO). Love the treatment of the film. However, there was this one scene that it was really, really obvious that the aswang was computer generated – like in a 3d game, with a nearly realistic backdrop. I found it a bit off. But overall, I’d give it 4 stars. I’m not easy to please especially with pinoy films, but I am very impressed, and this gives me hope that there’s still a chance for Philippine cinema.